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Anonymous asked:

Is this blog dead?

I suppose it is. Loki hasn’t been active and I just plain forgot about this blog. :/

I’ve been planning on coming back to bring it back to life for a while now, but I’ve never gotten around to it.

Acheron from the Dark Hunter series

Does anyone else notice this, if you’ve read the series? He’s a Gary Stu, I swear. Though a likable character I suppose…

He is the child of two gods, but not only is he a god, but he is one of the few gods that is a God killer. His three half sisters cursed him to be the end of the world, and his father wanted to kill him. His mother fled, and cut him from her womb, had the goddess of desire hide him in the human world, in the womb of a queen, so he would be raised well and have everything he wanted. His life force was to be tied to the other babe that the queen was pregnant with so the queen and king couldn’t kill him.

When he was born, he was born first in ancient Greece, and the oracle had said he was deformed, because his eyes were a swirling silver color, like mercury. He grew up shunned and hated by his parents and his twin brother, sold by his parents to his uncle to be a sex slave at the age of 7. Tortured, abused, on and on and on…

Need I continue on? Cause I can. For ages.

Ho boy.

No need to go on, I can see where this is going.

Well, I guess this is a case of a Stu done well enough to be liked, though he’s certainly got qualities of a Gary Stu. Quite a few, actually.

Any other opinions on this guy that our dear followers want to submit to add on to this post?


Anonymous asked:

Well it's not really a question but whatever... That Fem!Austria you reviewed some time ago, the thing I find funny about her is the fact that she claims that she doesn't rp with female oc's because she have met too many sues

Regarding Artemis

I don’t get on often enough.  Damn you e-mail for never alerting me to when we have messages.

Anywho.  Considering the recent submissions, I’m able to fill in a little more on Artemis Fowl since I’ve read the books more than once.  I’m not even going to get into The Hunger Games since I’ve never read them.

So Artemis.  He’s a young lad from Ireland, he’s rich, he’s got his faithful butler, his dad (as of the first book) has been missing for a long time and he’s apparently some kind of crooked businessman.  Artemis himself is a supergenius criminal and he’s all of 13(? I think?)  He pulls a fast one on the elite fairy forces who have literally centuries of experience and is able to master the fairy language just by comparing it to Egyptian Hieroglyphics.  In a later book, I think he’s become a master of art theft and has built himself a very powerful piece of fairy-human techonology that a Big Bad in another book really wants.  He saved his battle butler from dying by putting him in a cryogenic freezer then using fairy magic to heal him.  The fairies consider him to be one of their greatest allies and I think he and the main fairy girl have a thing for each other.  I could be wrong, but I was getting definite subtext in, like, the 6th book or so.

So yeah, he’s a Stu.


Anonymous asked:

Katniss is a complicated issue from the Hunger Games. Whether she is a sue or not, I mean. She embodies a lot of male traits, and not a lot of female ones, so it can easily be interpreted as a sort of "in order to be strong, you need to be a dude, or like a dude" and when read a certain way, she comes off as downright sociopathic, but almost everyone loves her. They REALLY love her. And she gets really lucky. Her drunk trainer sobers up for HER. Everyone gets a designer, but hers is special. etc

I really don’t know what to think about this woman. Everything I’m seeing is pointing to “SUE!”, but then there are the counter arguments and I’m just like

thelillylilac asked:

Peeta and Katniss pretended to be in love. Then everyone in the Games died, but them. They tried to kill each themselves at the same time with a handful of berries. Because of this act, Katniss and Peeta both lived. Then in the second book, they pretended that Katniss was pregnant because she was going back into the Hunger Games. She never really was pregnant, it was an act to save both her and Peeta's lives. Spoiler alert, in the end she chooses Peeta and ends up with two kids then.

Thank you for the explanation!

Well, this makes more sense than teen pregnancy, I suppose.

sixgillshark asked:

I wouldn't personally consider Artemis Fowl a stu. He is super intelligent and whatnot, but he tends to be socially inept and I'd say no character actually likes him upon first meeting him. His character changes and he becomes a better person throughout the series.

This would make sense to me. The intelligent people usually are socially inept or disliked for various reasons. However, this still isn’t enough information for me or Loki to make a decent judgement as to whether or not he’s a Stu or not.

Anyone else want to send us more on this guy?


Anonymous asked:

Can Artemis Fowl be considered a Stu? He really comes off to me as being a major Stu

I’ve never read that series, so I can’t really judge. Perhaps you could send us in some sort of a bio for him so we can review him?

adachifucker666 asked:

Does Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games count? She gave me Bella vibes at times, plus she has 2 guys fawning over her. I found it... weird how people accepted her pregnancy too, despite being 16-17.

I’ve never read The Hunger Games, so I can’t really judge. But the sole fact that people accepted a teen pregnancy is… O.o

Perhaps you could send in more of a bio for her so we could properly review her?

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